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Oh I waited so long after Trapped 4...then I gave up. And here it finally is! It's long, it's exiting, it keeps you hooked, but it has no replay value what so ever, except for the secrets. MAKE TRAPPED 6. Now.

I completed the game in only 82 minutes, and it felt like 5. Not many flash games give you that unique feeling, but Trapped does and therefore it's a really great game. Now I'm off to find the secrets.

Keep up the amazing work and don't let me down now!

How bout making a movie?

Good: You draw good. Really good. The sky, the lightning, the water, the menu look good. I mean they really look good. I think you should make a movie in this style but please, MAKE YOUR OWN CHARACTERS. That's why you get a 0 in style. It's not your dude. But I'd love to this as a movie.

Bad: Well, you used wink. And the sound is horrible really. It is really bad aaaaaaargh:(!! And so is the programing. Bugs, cheats. Falling through platforms ugh. Make a movie instead.

This game is really bad. But I like your style (if you make your own dude). Make a movie. Trust me.

Go you!

You seem to know what it takes to make a great, fun and simple game! Improve, and keep them coming! Great job!

I got 120 the first time I played, and now I'm going to beat it!

sexmafnfnfnfnfnfnf22 responds:

go me! :D

Yeah sure is a great arcade

Many bugs, bad graphics, great game!
I'm not sure how long I played it, but surely too long.
Music!! Come on it's not hard to have some music. Get music.

HA! All of you that think you are soooo good, you aren't. I got about 5500 and the screen got gray. I tried some more and my monkey flew out of the game so the screen got all white and the monkey never stopped so I didn't get any points. I guess I completed the game then.

One bug destoroys it all

Man this game and game number one kicks butt. I really like these kinds of game and hell this thing would've gotten into my heart forever. It could have been great. It should have been great. ONE BUG ruins all. I am talking about the LINE OF SIGHT of the teacher. It simply doesn't work. You stand next to the line of sight, you get cought, you stand BEHIND IT, the same happens. It's like the line of sight is a big box, but you drew it like a triangle. That pissed me of. Oh and try to make some other things happen like room-to-room walking. It gets old. Fast.

Keep on improving

You've started to get the hang of platform-making, althought there is a bit left to learn. Play through your game a couple of times before submitting it, because this game is full of bugs. Items disappearing, loosing life without reason, and the hittest needs some work too. I lost some lifes standing next to the spikes, and jumping on the turtles and killing them also made me lose life. Even though this isn't my favorite yet, I'm sure it will be when you improve some more, and fixing bugs before submiting. I can't wait for more work for you. You're almost there.

Very good

That information was very good. And the music was outstanding. Where can I get the music?

Pilot-Doofy responds:

All the music I use can now be found in the audio portal. Contact me for ID numbers.


That was fucking great style 25/10 i really hope you will continue with these games newgrounds need animations and games with great style like the style you got! really amazing to see such great combination of style and graphics althoug the game was kinda boring because you did the same thing over and over but that doesn´t make your 10 disappere! anything with that great style is worth at least 10!

Cool game

Really cool game. Nothing more to say. Keep em coming.


Personaly i thought it was good. I like it because it´s fast. But you need better graphics!!! The music was ok but there was no sound. Put in a small quite firesound and make the game longer and you will be a winner!


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