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A completely astonishing series

So Adolf finally made it to the greates country of them all, and suddenly became even hotter. Drinking coffee like all Swedes do, he even managed to get a really impressiv dalahäst during his short visit.

AND WHAT DO YOU KNOW. He was but a meagre five minutes away from me, standing infront of the Turning Torso which I lay my eyes on every day. How could I miss him...

I wonder if he met Eden, the girl his possy has been singing about throughout his trip.

AfroUnderscoreStud responds:

He met Eden, gave her a 'Cuba Libre' and now she does everything he say.

Lame but promising

There wasn't anything that new in this cartoon, on a site with this many animations you're bound to find something like this.

However, it's a really good start, it had nice graphics and all that, and it's alot better than most of the stuff that gets submitted, so keep it up and keep at it!

Entertaining and intresting

Very nicely done, this would sure be a nice way to learn. The whole animation was put together really well, the graphics were alright and good enough and the choice of music was outstanding.

The celebrity cast was entartaining aswell.

Keep it up.

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A start

I guess it's a nifty idea, I didn't try to import it to a movie, but looking at the example it didn't look too good. I know I couldn't see the last two things, but I don't think it'll look that much better.

Work on it though, it's very intresting. Add more options to it, fonts and such I guess. Also, I didn't look too good either. I know it's not supposed to be eye-candy, but it looks rather ugly.

Work on it though, and keep at it!

Fun, but too short

This is a very entertaining game, really fast and new. It's too short though, if this game would be much longer with new level in the new worlds it would be an awesome game. Make more of these games.

The graphics were fine, the music was great for the fast style the game has.

Keep it up!

Very nice

Great job! Really entertaining. The graphics were nice, the music was really good. It wasn't too easy, nor too hard.

There didn't seem to be that many power-ups, but that didn't matter. It was very fun to play, so keep making good games! Great work!

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Hey this was actually really good after a while. Good job and nice seeing you started submitting flash again :)

Kicking back and relaxing

This audio is just great. I've searched for it a long time since I heard it on the NG ranks handbook. The movie wouldn't be so good without this sound. That's why I liked it so much. Now he has changed sound, big mistake. The only thing I didn't really like was the looping though. Keep it up.


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