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A start

I guess it's a nifty idea, I didn't try to import it to a movie, but looking at the example it didn't look too good. I know I couldn't see the last two things, but I don't think it'll look that much better.

Work on it though, it's very intresting. Add more options to it, fonts and such I guess. Also, I didn't look too good either. I know it's not supposed to be eye-candy, but it looks rather ugly.

Work on it though, and keep at it!

Fun, but too short

This is a very entertaining game, really fast and new. It's too short though, if this game would be much longer with new level in the new worlds it would be an awesome game. Make more of these games.

The graphics were fine, the music was great for the fast style the game has.

Keep it up!

Very nice

Great job! Really entertaining. The graphics were nice, the music was really good. It wasn't too easy, nor too hard.

There didn't seem to be that many power-ups, but that didn't matter. It was very fun to play, so keep making good games! Great work!

Nice start

The game had some buggs, the guys sometimes didn't appear and such.

To simply kill one person and then click next and kill another, doesn't work as a game for that long, as you get sick of it. Work on this, make it longer and add stuff. Keep improving and this can become much better.


The graphics were horrible, the sound and music were far from good, and the funny could not be found.

But at the end of the day, this is an entertaining game. Fast pased, different buttons to push and oh so random. Nice.

The music kept restarting after you turned it off and entered a new level though, that was annoying.

Keep it up!

Foreverkul responds:

You helped Asvegren with blobbob! That was a fun game! Thanks, it not sposed to have good graphics and I kinda tryed to get annoying music :)


That was really cool! Great effects, and a nice time waster. Hard to actually draw anything, but easy to make cool things :D

Great job!


Nice style, good choice of music. Really chill-out kind of game, and a great timewaster. The animation on the guy could have been better, and the jump sound was way too loud and annoying.

Nice work, keep at it!


I have never seen anything like this before.
This is absolutely great.

Work on it though, make bette graphics and gameplay. Levels are better than just collecting rings. Make obstacles and such.

If you work on this a little bit, you will go far. Very far. Frontpage and everything. Don't let me down now.

Great job!

your-biggest-fan responds:

I will try not to let you down buddy but not a front page movie
Look out for a camera controlled game soon...

Perfect...I guess

You seem to have put alot of work into this game, and I guess it's as good as these games get. You really should try to use your leet skillz in some other, more advanced game.

The graphics were great, and so was the music. The voice got a bit repetetive though. And it was easy. Really easy.

You won't find any better game in this category and you can't really make it better. Therefore you should make a bigger game if you want to score really big.

<3 and don't make some witty response now.

Almost perfect!

I said to myself that I wouldn't review this amazing game until I finished it. And here I am!

I love these kinds of games and you can't really get any better than this. It could use some improved graphics and sound, but that's not really so important. With some good, changing music this game would be prefect.

The diffuculty was perfect and the levels were hard withous beeing frustrating. Level 17 took me the longest time.

It got me hooked from level 1 and what can I say, make more!

GameBalance responds:

Thanks a lot! I am grateful to you.


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