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Not bad for a stick movie.

Nice introducition, but not so good for a real movie. Alright graphics for a stick movie but no real animation. The sound was kind of annoying, but it had a nice style.

Too bad with the virus thingy :P


I guess this is a beginnig, work alot on it, and add alot more around it. The graphics are also a start, no details and no backround. The sound was hardly good either.

Good for a quick laugh, if you're really, really bored.

Geniously perfect

After this amazing movie, it's clear. You are the best author on this site as you bring different styles of movies but still with that one unique style that makes you the awesome author that you are.

Your music, sound and voices in this, and many other of your movies, are perfect.
You also have a perfect style of humor.

I can't really describe how I feel towards this flash, but you have that one thing that makes you stand out and be really good.

Your two last submissions have been really great and I seriously hope that your many next submissions will be as good.

AHAhaha you missed all the people!!

Damn that's some got shit, you're moving up in my list! Oh, yea you should try to fire your laser where the people live, which is more to the south. And why do you call Norway forget? rösten i del 2 var ju också finfin...

Fulp's gotten insane

How this made front page AND rewards, remains a mystery.

The hell?

Dammit that ruled but I have no idea why. Music rocked too.


You lvl 9-10 think that this is so much more than simply a flash that sucks. I am definitely not a lvl 1-7 but I still see the truth. This crap is crap. Nothing else.

Ja det gjorde den

wtf det där sög ju inte lite. det verkar bara vara jag som vet vad som är bra film här.

Old-Erkefiende responds:

:P hmmm sett dom andra det är rätt så meningslöst att bara se denna trea...aja skulle va kul att se dig göra en film....bara lite småkul...och ja jag har bättre filmer...

You rule

Dude this makes me like you even more! I hope you know that you are highest at my favorit artist list and One ring to rule them all2 is highest in my favorit animation list. This movie rocks, escpecially the "Forging the one ring" and "One ring 3 teaser". Where do you get everything from?

Best flash by far

Yea.. I just wanted you to know that this is the best flash-movie ever made. By far. I'm voting 5 every day and I have good voting power =D! Just the name is great. You could have named it Lord of the rings 2 but that would been much worse. You've got style. You're the man ;D! Oh and yea, keep up the good work, what are you working on now? Well, I'm of to vote 5 now, hope you read this!


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